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Rita Rosenkrantz Basic Family Law Training
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The Rita Rosenkrantz training is free for those who agree to take a
Pro Bono case.  If you do not take a case, the fee is $270.

This practical six hour training covers the nuts and bolts of family law, including: (1) Initial Interview/Retainer Agreements; (2) Pleadings & Divorce Grounds, Scheduling Hearings, Uncontested Divorce Hearings; (3) Discovery, Financial Statements, and Marital Property Statements; (4) Pendente Lite Financial Issues, Obtaining Attorneys’ Fees, Voluntary Impoverishment, Child Support, Taking Exceptions to a Magistrate’s Recommendations; (5) Litigating a Child Custody Case; and (6) Marital Settlement Agreements, and Ethical Considerations. The extensive materials exceed 700 pages and include many sample forms.

Preview/Training Link: 

If you agree to take a Pro Bono Case:  Below is a link to the Training Agreement.  This agreement must be completed, signed and sent back in order to receive the free access code to view the entire training and the materials.  You will have 30 days to complete the training and  one (1) year from the date of completion to accept a Montgomery County Bar Foundation Pro Bono case.  

Rita Rosenkrantz Basic Family Law Training - I will take a Pro Bono Case!
(Training Agreement)

If you would like to pay for the training, please use Preview/Training Link above.  Once you have paid, please send me an email so that I can send you the materialsYOU MUST SUBMIT A COPY OF YOUR PAYMENT RECEIPT WHEN REQUESTING MATERIALS. 



Questions or concerns: 
Yesenia Mendez | CLE Coordinator | 301.340.2534 | 

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