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Social Media / Technology Committee

Please check out the BAMC on Facebook (Search "Bar Association and Bar Foundation of Montgomery County"), as well as Twitter and Instagram (@BAMC_Law).  If you are a Committee Chair or a Section Chair, and you would like the Bar Association to promote something on social media for your Committee or Section, please contact Keith.


Techlectic ...
by Pat Hoover

MOJAVE OS – While it’s been available to those brave (and often foolish) folks signed up in Apple’s beta program, Mojave has now been released by Apple for free download in order to update the old operating system (OS) for laptop and desktop computers. If you are a long-time user of an Apple computer – MacBook, Mac Mini or iMac – you know that it has been many years since significant changes were made in the OS.  The worldwide release of the new OS, Mojave, is a big deal. If you’re Iike me, you’ve done plenty of reading about Mojave that was pushed your way by the tech media folks. And while I do not count myself among that crowd, I will advise that you not delay updating your Apple PC with Mojave. It only took me about 30 minutes to complete the full download and install of Mojave on my old (2015) MacBook Pro, which is loaded with a number of applications and custom configurations. Your upgrade to Mojave may go far faster than mine. 

Mojave has a handful of cool new features you will come to enjoy, but the primary reason you should install the new upgrade goes far beyond any of the new Apple use features found in this long overdue OS release. Simply put, when compared with the previous OS iteration, Mojave is far more secure, safer and better when it comes to keeping your Apple computer fresher and updated. Certainly loading Mojave is going to benefit you better than the alternative: doing nothing. You’ll be fine by not updating right way, but don’t forget to do it sooner rather than later or you will find that you’ve been left behind (Iike some of my older friends and colleagues who refuse to use anything other than WordPerfect, and still long for the days of Lotus Notes — now on display at the Smithsonian). And please, let me know if you see the difference in how you work using Mojave compared with before you updated. Thanks!


Keith Rosa



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