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Social Media / Technology Committee

Please check out the BAMC on Facebook (Search "Bar Association and Bar Foundation of Montgomery County"), as well as Twitter and Instagram (@BAMC_Law).  If you are a Committee Chair or a Section Chair, and you would like the Bar Association to promote something on social media for your Committee or Section, please contact Keith or Jared.


Techlectic ...
by Pat Hoover

iTranslate Converse

iTranslate Converse. Most translator apps are disappointing. They can be expensive, difficult to use, and worst of all, offer poor translation. But if you’re an iPhone user, there’s a fast and free solution in

iTranslate’s Converse.  Seriously, this app will blow you away with just how easy and useful it is when you find yourself unable to communicate in any of 38 different foreign languages. And if you are anything like me that means any language other than English! For strictly written translation nothing beats Google Translate but for real-time spoken translation iTranslate Converse rocks.
iTranslate’s Converse is the only pocket translator app awarded the Apple “Editor’s Choice” award and I predict it will quickly become your go-to solution for language-challenged folk like me. Whether you need to communicate with non-English speakers here or abroad, I highly recommend you give the Converse app a shot. For a short YouTube demo (by a couple of Austrians where the company is based) check out:

Say you just want to talk to a non-English-speaking neighbor, employee, client, service person, police officer, restaurant worker, or other person unable to speak in your native tongue, (been there, done that – and it really sucks, especially if you are just trying to find a bathroom while driving thru rural Spain as embarrassingly happened to me – so awkward). This need no longer be a problem by simply using the iTranslate Converse app accessed on your iPhone or iPad. To get it for your iPhone, iPad or AppleWatch, just go to the Apple Store and search for iTranslate Converse and you’ll navagitate to a free download of the app. Of course, there is a premium upgrade path if you want it (it’s entirely optional) for $5/mo. or $50/yr. The premium version provides unlimited use, offline use, transcripts and more. It is worth the price, IMHO.

Setup is a breeze, and usage is as simple as pushing your finger down on the app while speaking your words. In a flash, once you lift your finger off the device screen, the Converse app spells out the words in your spoken language, and almost immediately converts your statement into both the spoken and written translation. Yep, it's that easy. Remember Captain Kirk's communicator? See for the app home page.

Before using the app, be sure your Apple device is working well and not overburdened with a ton of open and background running apps, your battery is charged, your speaker volume is turned up (no headset use, either) and that you first show your listener the app and how it works. After that, they’ll call you Marco Polo, maybe :)


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