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Bench Bar -- Circuit Court
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Bench Bar -- Circuit Court
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Circuit Court Bench Bar Committee 

As a reminder, all attorneys in good standing are welcome and encouraged to attend the Bench Bar Committee meetings. Attendance is not limited to Committee members, all BAMC members are welcome to attend.


As a reminder, all attorneys in good standing are welcome and encouraged to attend the Bench Bar Committee meetings. Attendance is not limited to Committee members.


Courthouse Security
The Sheriff’s Office welcomes the opportunity to address any concerns or questions regarding courthouse security.  Please contact Captain Maxwell Uy (pronounced “we”).  You may reach Captain Uy directly at (240) 777-7109 (W), (240)-876-1702 (C), or  In addition, the Sheriff’s Office has a 24-hour contact number:  240-777-7000; or during normal courthouse hours, you can reach a desk sergeant at 240-777-7012. 


Family Law Self-Help Center
The Self-Help Center is transitioning to paperless processes.


Interpreters and Mediation
Per a Maryland Rule change (Md. Rule 1-333) courthouse staff interpreters will no longer need to be sworn in before hearings.  They will be signing an oath which will be kept on record with the Clerk and AOC.   This applies only to courthouse staff interpreters, not private interpreters brought in to accommodate languages not spoken by courthouse staff interpreters.  Private interpreters will still require swearing in before hearings.


Please make sure to comply with the rule requiring 30-days notice for an interpreter request for a proceeding, particularly if you are requesting an interpreter for a language not spoken by a courthouse staff interpreter.


Please also remember that interpreter requests are linked to hearing and trial dates, but not mediation dates. If your client requires the services of an interpreter at mediation, you must alert the Clerk’s Office separately, in advance, by calling 240-777-9500.


Trial Exhibits and Md. Rule 16-405
Md. Rule 16-406 governs, in part, the disposition of trial exhibits after conclusion of a trial, entry of judgment by the Circuit Court, and following the expiration of the appeal period or the clerk’s receipt of a mandate issued by the final appellate court to consider an appeal (and there is no opportunity for further review of the judgment).  Rule 16-405 provides for the return and/or destruction of trial exhibits after proper notice by the clerk’s office. With the implementation of MDEC around the corner, the clerk’s office will be issuing notices pursuant to Md. Rule 16-405 to parties, counsel, and/or self-represented litigants in cases tried prior to MDEC coming online which meet the criteria under the Rule.  This will include Family Division cases.  If the clerk’s office does not receive a request to retrieve the exhibits within 30 days of the notice, the exhibits will be disposed of.


Generous Juror Program
The Montgomery County Family Justice Center is now an option for jurors to select as the recipient organization of their donations through the Generous Jurors Program.  The Generous Jurors Program also benefits Montgomery County Child Welfare and Adult Drug Court.

 If you have any concerns or issues to bring to the Committee’s attention, please feel free to contact either of the Co-Chairs for the 2017-2018 term: Heather Collier at (301) 340-9090 or or Meg Rosan at (301) 656-1177 or


Heather C. Collier
Megan N. Rosan



Committee Meetings

April 3, 2019
May 1, 2019

June 5, 2019


Meetings will be held at 8AM on the 1st Wednesday of the month in the Administrative Judge's Conference Room in the North Tower, Room 3240 of the Circuit Court building.

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