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Memorial-Wilkinson, Jr., Benjamin G. (Judge)
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The Honorable Benjamin G. Wilkinson, Jr.
October 17, 1907 – December 30, 1944 

 Resolution of Committee of Bar Association of Death of Benjamin G. Wilkinson, Jr. Filed January 15th A.D. 1945. 

To the Honorable, the Judges of the Circuit Court for Montgomery County. 

     The Committee of the Bar Association for Montgomery County, appointed by the President, James. H. Pugh, Esquire, which Committee was composed of the following members of the Bar, William F. Prettyman, Thomas M. Anderson and Joseph B. Simpson, Jr., offers on behalf of the members of the Bar the following resolution in memory of our deceased brother, the Honorable Benjamin George Wilkinson, Jr., who died during the last term of our Court. 

     Whereas, our learned Brother at the Bar, Benjamin George Wilkinson, Jr., who was born at Lincoln, Nebraska on October 17, 1907, being called from this life, died on December 30, 1944 at the age of 37 and it is the desire of us, his surviving friends and fellow practitioners to pay these our everlasting respects to him and his memory, and to have forever preserved among the records of the Court the contribution of our deceased member, we respectfully suggest that. 

     Benjamin G. Wilkinson since his very early years had lived at Takoma Park where he received his elementary and secondary education, being in 1928, graduated from the Washington Missionary College and was there honored as President of his class by his fellow. He thereafter continued his education at the University of Nebraska from which University he transferred to the Harvard Law School and in 1932 was graduated as Bachelor of Laws. After graduation he became a member of the Bar of the Court of Appeals of Maryland by examination and of the Bar of the District of Columbia. He also was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States. Afterwards he became established in the practice of his profession, in which he was associated with his close personal friends and partners. J. Bond Smith, Esquire and L. Q. C. Lamar, Esquire, maintaining offices at Rockville under the firm name, Smith, Lamar & Wilkinson. 

     The ease of his personality and the usual ability which he had for making friends and the quality of leadership caused him naturally to gravitate to the field of politics and public endeavor. In 1938 he was elected as the State Attorney for Montgomery County and served in that office for a term of four years with ability and distinction. 

     Upon the completion of his term of office as State’s Attorney in recognition of his capabilities he was elected by the people of Montgomery County in 1942 as a delegate to the General Assembly of Maryland, where his promise was soon recognized by his fellow members and his ability obtained for him the Chairmanship of the Standing Committee on Judicial Proceedings. In the same year, 1942, our Governor appointed him as Defense Transportation Coordinator for Maryland. 

     In the practice of the law he was diligent in the preservation of his client’s rights, an able and studious advocate. 

     The personal qualities of poise, courtesy, gentility and graciousness were his; his force was in his ease of manner. It is written that the veiled shadow said “ Thou hast felt what ‘tis to die and live again before thy fated hour”. In his early passing from us we cannot but believe that he was taken from his life and calling before his fated hour. In his short years he had accomplished much more than many who live a greater span of life, and

     Whereas we wish the family of our brother to have the solace of our kind thoughts in their loss and we, as aforesaid, wish our records to contain a memorial to our deceased brother. 

     I therefore move your Honors on behalf of the Bar Association of Montgomery County that a copy of this memorial be incorporated among the minutes of the Court and further move that a copy be sent to Dr. Benjamin G. Wilkinson, and Benjamin G. Wilkinson, III, the father and son, respectively of our deceased friend and fellow member of the Bar.

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