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Memorial-Vinson, John T. (Judge)
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The Honorable John T. Vinson
Year of Death: 1903 


Honorable Hattersly N. Talbott, President of the Bar Association at this place in appropriate and touching words called the attention of the Court to the death of the Honorable John T. Vinson, late Associate Judge of this Court, and offered the following preamble and Resolutions, on the part of said Association: 

     John T. Vinson was for thirteen years an Associate Judge of the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Maryland, and desiring to place upon record their appreciation of his character and services, the members of the Bar of Montgomery County adopt the following minute: 

     In the death of Judge Vinson the community in which he was born and in which spent his long life of seventy-eight years, has suffered a great loss. From early years of trial and difficulty he rose by means of diligent industry and faithful service to positions of great responsibility and usefulness, meeting his duties with modest manliness and performing them with justice to the citizen and to the State. With strong common sense and a clear conception of right, he strove to administer the law with impartial hand, and none have appeared to question his integrity as a Judge. As a self respecting man he was tenacious of his own rights but at the same time regardful of the rights of others, and none have appeared to impugn the fairness and liberality of his dealings with his fellow-men.

     Believing in the duty and value of good citizenship, he met his obligations as a voter with conscientious faithfulness as he understood and interpreted the Constitution of his county, and he set the example of a stainless record as citizen and officer. Undemonstrative in disposition, retiring and home-staying in his habits, his affections were deep and strong and with loving care and bounty he sheltered and provided for those who were dependent upon him. Nor did he forget or neglect the gentle ties of friendship or the calls of need and sympathy which come to us day by day, and in the blessed offices of loving kindness he followed the Master’s law in a way of which the world knows not half the story. 

     Such a man deserves to be remembered.  

     Be it therefore Resolved. 1st. That this memorial be spread upon the minutes of the Bar Association of Montgomery County. 

     2nd. That the same be presented to the Circuit Court for Montgomery County upon its assembling on third Monday of March, A. D. 1903 with the request that it be spread upon the minutes of the Court. 

     3rd. That a copy thereof be sent by the Clerk of the Court to the family of the deceased.

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