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Memorial-Taggart, Paul D.
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George A. Brugger
January 19, 1941 – December 5, 2005 





     I have the honor, in behalf of the Montgomery County Bar Association, to respectfully ask the Court to pay tribute to the memory of a distinguished lawyer, and counselor at law of Montgomery County, Maryland. I announce formally to your honors the death of Paul D. Taggart, Esquire on July 25, 1960. 

     Paul D. Taggart was born in Washington, D. C. on June 13, 1894. At the time of his death he resided at 9313 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, Maryland. 

     He was a graduate of Western High School in 1914. In 1915 he attended Georgetown University and in 1917 he enlisted in the Second Engineer’s Regiment, Headquarters Company, serving from May 4, 1917 to March 5, 1919. 

     In 1922 he entered Georgetown University Law School and in 1924 he transferred to National Law School where in 1925 he received his LlBLLB; and was a member of the Phi Beta Gamma Legal Society. 

     He is survived by his children and by his wife, Clare Kelly Taggart, who resides at the Colesville Road, address.

     He was a lawyer for the government from 1925 till 1931, when he entered private proactive in Washington and in 1937 he opened his office in Silver Spring, Maryland. From 1925 till 1935 he was active in local civic federations and was a member of the Montgomery County Federation for several years. 

     He was also an active Legionnaire from 1925 till 1945 and had been a member of that organization for over thirty five years.

     On the 17th of October, 1942 he was appointed government appeal agent for the Selective Service for Montgomery County Board Number Two and he was reappointed in 1948 and thus served continuously from 1942 till 1960. He received commendations from Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower. 

     From 1945 till 1947 he was on the Zoning Board for Montgomery County. 

     I say to your Honors with deepest humility that the career of Paul D. Taggart was one which we present members of the Bench and Bar can be proud, and to which our younger lawyers can well aspire.

     Therefore, in behalf of the Bar of this County I move your Honors that an appropriate minute be recorded that will make lasting record in this Court of Paul D. Taggart’s distinguished service and mark our deep respect to his memory.

Respectfully Submitted


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