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President's Message
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Hello everyone –
Given the predictions regarding the amount of time we’ll likely need to social distance, we are canceling all April events and Law Day (May 1).  It simply is not financially prudent to push forward with these events and lose more money by canceling them closer in time to the scheduled event when we know now they are not likely to happen.  It is our hope they can be rescheduled but we won’t be making a plan for that until we have a better sense of when life will return to something more normal.  But it will return to normal and things like Family Fun Day, Take Your Child to Work Day, and Law Day will happen and we have that to look forward to.
We are working on providing regular substantive content on the BAMC listserv to keep our sense of community and continue to sharpen our minds.
If you are thinking about leaving your house, watch this and then decide if you really must:  I found it highly persuasive

While we must all be prudent in maintaining conscientious "social distancing," it is especially important that our senior members of the bar and our members with health issues limit their exposure to environments that may lead to infection by the virus.  If you are someone who considers yourself to be (1) in good health and (2) ready and willing to do business at our courthouses when required, please consider offering your assistance to other fellow members of the bar who may be in need.   You may know a colleague down the hall or in your field of practice who could use your help in filing documents in the dropbox at the courthouse or standing in for one of the few hearings the court is holding.

We do not want anyone to take any unnecessary risks.   But if there is a way  to help where your help can be given, we will all benefit as community by looking out for each other.   

Heather Hostetter

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