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Memorial-O'Brien, David P.
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David P. O'Brien
1921 – May 4, 1980 


     JUDGE MATHIAS: I now call upon Mr. Vann Canada to speak in memory of David Patrick O’Brien. 

     MR. CANADA: May it please the Court, Father Brown, ladies and gentlemen. 

      I’m privileed today to address a few remarks to the memory of David O’Brien who I knew for more than fifteen years and who even though I didn’t know him on a social basis but I knew him on a professional basis and personally fairly well. 

     David was from Buffalo, New York, and he was born there in 1921and he attended Canisius College in Buffalo. Later he attended law school at the George Washington University and was admitted to the bar in 1941. I think after that David went to work for Lawyers Title Insurance Corportation where he spent a substantial period of time as counsellor for Lawyers Title and went to work for a law firm known as Jones, Mathias, Dunie and O’Brien. That firm existed in various forms with various members until recently and most immediately preceding David’s death it was known as Jones, O’Brien and Widmayer. 

     First I’d like to say that Dave was an extremely compassionate man and I can testify to this on my own knowledge because I remember on May the 23rd, 1965, I was working for a lawyer here in Rockville and I was put in the unfortunate position of having to call Mr. O’Brien and to challenge something that he had done with regard to a piece of real estate. The reason I remember that it was May 23, 1965, was because Dave asked me how long I had been practicing law and I was admitted to the bar on May 22, 1965, and I was forced to confess to him that this was my first full day at work. He then invited me down to his office where he was then practicing with Ellis Jones and he explained to me how why I was confused and the mistake that I had made.  So I can truly say that Dave was a compassionate man. 

     Dave was a good family man. I know he was married and had seven children. I know we was a very religious man. I would also to characterize Dave he was a very gentle man. 

     Dave was not an advocate type lawyer. He was an office lawyer. He had extensive practice in real estate with both Ellis Jones and Larry Widmayer. 

     I consider it a privilege to have known him. He always helped me. He taught me a lot and I am sure that the members of this Bar Association who knew him as well as I did will miss him. 

     Thank you.


     JUDGE MATHIAS: Thank you Mr. Vann Canada. I will respond for the bench. 

     David Patrick O’Brien was a partner in my old law firm and Mr. Ellis Jones who was the original founder of the firm, he’s sitting in he audience here. David cam to the firm in the mid-fifties. He remained until his untimtely death. He had chosen to specialize in the field of real estate law. He was well versed in that field and a credit to his profession. 

     Davey, as I knew him affectionately, was an untiring worker with the personality and the charm of the Irish. His death was a great loss to the legal profession and to his family and his many friends throughout the country. 

    These remarks will become a part of the permanent record of this court thus serving to perpetuate the memory of our departed brother at the bar, David Patrick O’Brien.

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