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Memorial-McInerney, John Moye
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John Moye McInerney
July 7, 1904 – January 18, 1972 


  M E M O R I A L   S E R V I C E
Rockville, Maryland
May 12, 1972
2:00 p.m.

In Memory of:

 Presiding Judges:
CHARLES W. WOODWARD, President, Montgomery County Bar Association
ANDREW W. STARRATT, JR., Chairman, Memorial Committee

P R O C E E D I N G S 

     JUDGE PUGH: This Court convenes today in the Memorial Services for those members of the Bar who died during the past year. 

     The Court will recognize the President of the Bar Association, Mr. Charles W. Woodward. 

     MR. WOODWARD: If it please Your Honor, it is in the highest tradition of the Bench and Bar that we suspend our usual activities and take time to honor the memory of those members of the Bar who have passed on. 

     Today we honor the memory of Robert L. McCloskey, Frederick O. Louden, John M. McInerney, Harold C. Smith, Sr., and Lewis A. Dille. At this time I would like to present Mr. Andrew W. Starratt, Jr., the Chairman of the Memorial Committee of the Montgomery County Bar Association. 

     MR. STARRATT: May it please the Court, Mr. Joseph Simpson had wanted very much to be here to address the Court concerning the death of John McInerney, and he has prepared such eulogy; however, we learned suddenly that he is in Baltimore and unexpectedly detained. 

     Mr. Charles Woodward will deliver the remarks that have been prepared by Mr. Simpson. 

     MR. WOODWARD: Since Mr. Simpson hasn’t arrived, Mrs. McInerney requested I read his remarks. In memoriam to John M. McInerney, Esquire, a member of the Bar of the Court of Appeals of Maryland and of the Bar of the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland. May it please the Court: I rise with a feeling of personal sorrow to announce to Your Honors the death on January 18, 1972, of John Moye McInerney, Esquire, a member of the Bar of this Court and of the Court of Appeals of Maryland; and also, a member of the Bar of the United States Supreme Court, and of the Court of Appeals, District of Columbia. 

     Mr. McInerney was born in Butte, Montana, on July 17, 1904, the son of Michael Patrick McInerney and Anna Moye McInerney. At an early age his parents moved to the State of Nevada, where his father owned and managed small hotels in remote regions of the State. His early education was obtained in frontier schools in those areas where his family was located. For a time they lived in San Francisco, until John was approximately eleven years old. In 1915 the family moved to the District of Columbia where he completed his elementary schooling at Brent Public School at 3rd and D Streets, S. E., in that city. Upon graduation he was appointed a Page in the United States Senate under the patronage of Senator Key Pittman of Nevada. He left this employment to enter Eastern High School, and after graduation in 1923 as President of the student body, he entered the University of Notre Dame and later the University of Maryland. 

     His legal education was received at the Georgetown Evening Law School and the George Washington Law School, and he was graduated from the National University, now part of George Washington University Law School in 1932, with the LLB Degree, later converted to the Juris Doctor Degree. In 1933 he was admitted to the Bar of the District of Columbia. For a short time, he was employed with the Hub Furniture Company, Washington, D. C., and in 1933, he was appointed Regional Sales Representative with the Universal Credit Company, and in which capacity he remained until February 24, 1941. 

     On January 20, 1934, he married Katherine Doyle, the daughter of Mr. Robert Doyle and Mrs. Nana Stilson Doyle. 

     On March 6, 1935 he accepted an appointment as Assistant Paymaster in the United States Naval Reserves with the rank of Lieutenant (junior grade). On February 24, 1941 he reported at the Navy Yard, Washington, D. C. for active duty, and was transferred on March 11, 1942, to the David Taylor Model Basin at Carderock, Maryland. He was transferred to duty in the Pacific on November 20, 1943, where he served until the end of World War II in the Solomons and the Philippines when he was discharged with the rank of Commander, effective November 25, 1945. He remained in the Reserves until 1958. 

     In 1946 he was admitted to the Bar of the Court of Appeals of Maryland. He opened offices in Bethesda, where he worked actively with his wife, who served as his secretary and he specialized in trial work and was a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers. At Bethesda he founded the firm of McInerney and Latham, which later became McInerney, Latham and Layne, an active and honorable firm of practicing lawyers. 

     He was a member of the International Association of Insurance Counsel; the Association of Insurance Attorneys; American Bar Association, and the Maryland State Bar Association where he served as a member of the Executive Council in 1959, and Vice President in 1964. He was particularly proud to be elected by his brothers as President of the Montgomery County Bar Association, in which capacity he served from 1963 to 1964. 

      When his colleague and partner, Richard B. Latham, now Judge of the District Court for Montgomery County, left the practice and the firm, his practice continued with the present firm of McInerney, Layne and McCormick, at 7401 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, and in October, 1970, the offices were moved from Bethesda to Rockville. 

     Mrs. Katherine McInerney died on March 18, 1969. Mr. McInerney was stricken with encephalitis in January, 1967, and was suffering from the residual damages. He retired on August 1, 1970. On October 17, 1970, he married Mrs. Rebecca M. Shoaf of North Carolina. Mr. McInerney died on January 18, 1972 in Georgetown University Hospital as a result of a sudden myocardial infarction. 

     In addition to his interest in the law, Mr. McInerney was a man of considerable public and social interest, and he served as the President to the Montgomery County Tuberculosis and Heart Association from 1952 to 1956. He was the general counsel, Commissioned Officers of the United States Public Health Service, and a lawyer of diligence, persuasion, technical skill and ability as a trial advocate. He was a man of deep religious conviction, a Roman Catholic, and a faithful member of his Church and Parish. Though somewhat hampered in his late years of life by declining health, he retired and learned to enjoy his leisure. He travelled extensively, became interested in gardening, reading, and history, particularly of the Hapsburg Empire. He had no children by his first marriage, but he showed a fondness and pleasure in his stepchild, Sharon, and step-grandchildren, Patrick and Aishling, who survive him, with his widow and his brother, Mr. Wilbert McInerney. 

     And now, Your Honors, on behalf of the Bar of this State and of this Court, and on my behalf as a personal friend of that good lawyer, John McInerney, I respecfully move that a minute of these proceedings be entered upon the records of this Court in commemoration of John Moye McInerney, and I move that this Court, when it stands adjourned, stand adjourned in his memory. Respectfully submiited, Joseph B. Simpson, Jr. 

     JUDGE PUGH: On behalf of all of the judges of this Court, I respond to the several memorials that have been presented here today. 

     The other members of this Court are, most of them are attending the retirement exercises of Chief Judge Hall Hammond in Towson this afternoon and therefore were unable to be here. 

     The purpose of these memorial services is to spread upon the Minutes of the Court in a Special Docket, the Memorial to the Deceased Members of the Bar, that is a permanent docket and has been so since the beginning of this Court. 

     These memorial services record the end of the legal career before this Court of the five officers of the Court who memorials have today been presented to it. Most of these deceased members of the Bar were active practitioners before this Court and were personally known to each and every member of the Bench. 

     I can say on behalf of the Bench that these practitioners upheld the law, recorded among their own records and the records of this Court their abilities as members of the Bar and as officers of the Court. 

     We mourn their decease, but the Memorials will be placed among the permanent records of this Court, so that they may be viewed at any time by the public. 

     In behalf of the members of this Bench, I wish to express the sympathy of all the Judges of this Circuit Court on the demise of our brother officer, John M. McInerney. 

     The motion to spread upon the Minutes of this Court the remarks made by Mr. Simpson and read by Mr. Woodward will be granted. 

     Court is adjourned. 

     (Thereupon, at 2:30 p.m. the proceedings were adjourned)

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