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Memorial-McCloskey, Robert L.
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Robert L. McCloskey
April 10, 1917 – 1972 



M E M O R I A L   S E R V I C E
Rockville, Maryland
May 12, 1972
2:00 p.m. 

Court Reporter:
Josephine S. Kiebler 

 In Memory of:

Presiding Judges:
CHARLES W. WOODWARD, President, Montgomery County Bar Association
ANDREW W. STARRATT, JR., Chairman, Memorial Committee


P R O C E E D I N G S 

     JUDGE PUGH: This Court convenes today in the Memorial Services for those members of the Bar who died during the past year. 

     The Court will recognize the President of the Bar Association, Mr. Charles W. Woodward. 

     MR. WOODWARD: If it please Your Honor, it is in the highest tradition of the Bench and Bar that we suspend our usual activities and take time to honor the memory of those members of the Bar who have passed on. 

     Today we honor the memory of Robert L. McCloskey, Frederick O. Louden, John M. McInerney, Harold C. Smith, Sr., and Lewis A. Dille. At this time I would like to present Mr. Andrew W. Starratt, Jr., the Chairman of the Memorial Committee of the Montgomery County Bar Association. 

     MR. STARRATT: On behalf of the Bar Association, Your Honors please, I would like to move that the remarks of these proceedings be spread upon the Minutes. It has been reported that five of our colleagues have departed, all of them having contributed much to the Bar and to everyone who they came in contact with throughout their lives, and I would first like to present Mr. Willard Nalls who will deliver remarks concerning Robert L. McCloskey. 

     MR. NALLS: If it please the Court, ladies and gentlemen, I have been asked to say a few words in memory of Bob McCloskey. That is the way Bob would have wanted it, a few words. He wouldn’t have liked a big show. He was a humble man. Bob wasn’t a big talker. He just did his job and let his actions speak for him. He was a native of Montgomery County, born in Cabin John April 10, 1917. 

     He got his law degree from Southeastern University, Washington, D. C., and was admitted to the Bar in 1938 when he was just past 21 years old. 

     During World War II he served in the Army Air Corps for five years, attended Judge Advocate General School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and was a legal officer in the Judge Advocate General Office. 

     After the war Mac returned to law practice here in Montgomery County where he soon earned a reputation as one of the best real property lawyers in the area. 

     He wasn’t a very demonstrative man but he was warm, friendly, and considerate. 

     When I was beginning practice here in Montgomery County Mac was first of the old timers to offer me encouragement and a helping hand. 

     He was hard working, well organized, and even tempered. He was a real nice guy. 

     Most of us know his lovely wife, Barbara, and his daughter, Betty, and he also has a son, Robbie, and another daughter, Thelma. He was devoted to his family and he was a good father and a good husband. He enjoyed his family. He was active in his church and in the community. He was a member of the Bethesda Reciprocity Club and of the Military Order of Word Wars. I never knew anyone who didn’t like him as a person and who didn’t respect him as a lawyer. 

     We will all miss Mac, his passing is a loss not only to his family, but to the Bar of our County. 

     He always reflected credit on our profession. Without him we are justg not as good as we were before. 

     JUDGE PUGH: On behalf of all the judges of this Court I respond to the several memorials that have been presented here today. 

     The other members of this Court are, most them of are attending the retirement exercises of Chief Judge Hall Hammond in Towson this afternoon and therefore were unable to be here. 

     The purpose of these memorial services is to spread upon the Minutes of the Court in a Special Docket, the Memorial to the Deceased Members of the Bar, that is a permanent docket and has been so since the beginning of this Court. 

     These memorial services record the end of the legal career before this Court of the five officers of the Court who memorials have today been presented to it. Most of these deceased members of the Bar were active practitioners before this Court and were personally known to each and every member of the Bench. 

     I can say on behalf of the Bench that these practitioners upheld the law, recorded among their own records and the records of this Court their abilities as members of the Bar and as officers of the Court. 

     We mourn their decease, but the Memorials will be placed among the permanent records of this Court, so that they may be viewed at any time by the public. 

     In behalf of the members of this Bench I wish to express the sympathy of all the judges of this Circuit Court on the demise of our brother officer, Robert McCloskey. 

     The motion to spread upon the Minutes of this Court the remarks made by Mr. Nalls will be granted. 

     Court is adjourned.


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