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Memorial-Louden, Frederick Orr
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Frederick Orr Louden
1924 – 1972 




M E M O R I A L   S E R V I C E
Rockville, Maryland
May 12, 1972
2:00   p.m. 

In Memory of:
Frederick O. Louden

Presiding Judges:
Montgomery County Bar Association
Memorial Committee



     JUDGE PUGH: This Court convenes today in the Memorial Services for those members of the Bar who died during the past year. 

     The Court will recognize the President of the Bar Association, Mr. Charles W. Woodward. 

     MR. WOODWARD: If it please Your Honors, it is in the highest tradition of the Bench and Bar that we suspend our usual activities and take time to honor the memory of those members of the Bar who have passed on. 

     Today we honor the memory of Robert L. McCloskey, Frederick O. Louden, John M. McInerney, Harold C. Smith, Sr. and Lewis A. Dille. 

     At this time I would like to present Mr. Andrew W. Starratt, Jr., the Chairman of the Memorial Committee of the Montgomery County Bar Association. 

     MR. STARRATT: On behalf of the Bar Association, Your Honors please, I would like to move that the remarks of these proceedings be spread upon the Minutes. It has been reported that five of our colleagues have departed, all of them having contributed much to the Bar and to everyone who they came in contact with throughout their lives, and I would like to present Mr. Robert W. Beall who will deliver remarks concerning Frederick O. Louden. 

     MR. BEALL: Your Honors, Mr. President, Ladies and gentlemen, I have some comments and detail here that I will give to the Secretary and ask they be made a permanent record of our Association, but I will give a short synopsis of what I have there. 

     Frederick Orr Louden – and it is not time to be funny – but he took a great deal of kidding over that middle name; many times he was asked to make up his mind, but it just happens that was his mother’s name and his middle name. 

     Frederick Louden died too soon. He was only 48 years of age. He suffered a heart attack and died in Washington Hospital Center where his wife has been in attendance for many years in an administrative position. 

     He had suffered a heart attack previously and he had not been well for a number of months. He leaves surviving him his wife, Frances Bird Louden and his mother, Emma Orr Louden and they are both here today and they both continue to reside in Montgomery County.

       Now, Fred attended the local schools in the District of Columbia. He graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School. He was a student at the University of Texas, George Washington University and he received his law degree from the University of Maryland; he graduated from there in 1949, which was the same year he was married.

      To recount the many organizations he was affiliated with would perhaps require me to leave out a few but he was a Mason, member of the Eastern Star, member of the Bethesda Civitan Club. He had a close affiliation with the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad. He served as its attorney for a number of years. He was active in politics in the Republican party and he served as a President of the Young Republican Club.

      He was a member of the Bethesda Christian Church. He was in addition to our Association a member of the Maryland Bar Association, American Bar Association; he is addition to being a member of the Bar of our Court of Appeals was a member of all of the United States Courts and the District of Columbia nd the Supreme Court of the United States.

      He was active and gave a lot of his time to the University of Maryland. He served as Secretary of the Montgomery County Alumni Club for the University of Maryland and he also served as its President.

      He began practicing in Montgomery County in 1950, one year after his graduation and he was associated with the former Judge John R. Reeves who, of course, was not a judge at that time, but he did later become a judge of our Circuit Court.

      Now, personally, I knew Fred during his entire practice. He did many favors for me. When I would leave town I felt very confident to leave my clients in his care and he served them well.

      Many of the members of our Bar really never got to know him because he was a quiet man but he was efficient and effective and honest and he had all of the attributes of a fine, great lawyer, and it is unfortunate that he died so soon and his passing certainly leaves a void in our association.

      JUDGE PUGH: On behalf of all of the judges of this Court I respond to the several memorials that have been presented here today.

      The other members of this Court are, most of them are attending the retirement exercises of Chief Judge Hal Hammond in Towson this afternoon and therefore were unable to be here.


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