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Memorial-Jones, Charles C.
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Charles C. Jones
August, 1899 – September 11, 1957 
     It is with profound sorrow and deep regret that we announce to this Honorable Court the death of one of our honored and respected brothers, Charles C. Jones. He passed away on September 11 last. In his passing, the Bar has sustained the loss of a friendly and ethical member, and the County a distinguished citizen.
     Charles C. Jones was a native of Montgomery County, having been born in Kensington in August of 1899. He lived his entire life in the same home. Charlie, as he was affectionately known to his countless friends, was born and reared in an environment of public service and rich traditions. His father, the late Dr. Eugene Jones, was an outstanding and beloved physician, and served Montgomery County several terms as State Senator in the General Assembly of Maryland. Charlie was the fourth member of his family to represent Montgomery County at Annapolis. The first was his maternal great-grandfather, Thomas Y. Conley, who was in the House of Delegates, as was Somerset O. Jones, his great-uncle.
     His great-grandfather, Dr. William Jones, was a national political figure, having served as a member of Andrew Jackson’s famed “Kitchen Cabinet” and as Postmaster of the District of Columbia for three terms.
     Having been reared in a political environment, Charlie became interested and active in political affairs several years before he reached his majority. He served as a member fo the House of Delegates in the General Assembly of Maryland from 1938 to 1942.
     He also gave his time unsparingly and displayed more than extraordinary interest in all civic affairs affecting his home town and County. He was a member of Christ Episcopal Church in Kensington, where he and his family worshipped.
     He was educated in Montgomery County public schools, and attended Tome Institute at Port Deposit. He received his Law Degree from Georgetown University, and was admitted to the Bar in the year 1931. Upon his admission to the Bar he opened his law offices in Rockville, where he engaged in the practice of law until his death. He specialized in estates, real property law and finance. He enjoyed a lucrative and extensive practice in these fields.
     He served for many years as Attorney fro the Town of Kensington. He was the owner of a substantial interest in the Farmers’ Banking and Trust Company of Montgomery County, and served as its Director for many years. He was particularly active in the affairs of said Trust Company, as well as the Montgomery Mutual Building and Loan Association of Kensington, of which he was also Director and Attorney for many years, and was serving these institutions in these capacities at the time of his death. His judgment and business acumen were highly valued by his co-directors, and he was undoubtedly a leader in both institutions.
     He enjoyed perhaps one of the widest acquaintanceships in all parts of Montgomery County, and because of his knowledge of the people of our County through this acquaintanceship, his sound judgment, and knowledge of property values, he was able to render unusual services to the financial institutions he represented.
     Although Charlie preferred a life of bachelorhood, he enjoyed a full life.  He had many hobbies and interests characteristic of a Maryland gentleman of means and position. He bred and showed pure-bred hunting dogs, meeting with considerable success by having won a number of trophies, and during the past 15 years became a well-known breeder of throughbred horses. He maintained a large farm in the Poolesville area, where he bred and kept a large string of thoroughbreds, some of which became winners and favorites at the tracks.
     Although Charlie at times presented the outward impression of being brusqueand impersonal, he was in fact an unusually sensitive person. He had a real liking for people, and was always sympathetic and understanding, and always ready and anxious to do a kind deed. He gave the appearance of a very serious person, but his humor and friendliness would break through in his characteristic and well-known smile.
     He was faithful and loyal to his clients, who had the utmost and unswerving confidence in him. His honor and sincerity of purpose were never questioned by the Courts or his fellow members of the Bar.
     He was faithful to the sick and, contrary to the belief of many of his friends, generous to many people less fortunate than he, of which generally no one knew except the recipients. He obtained great pleasure and satisfaction in being able to help finance many unfortunate persons who could not otherwise obtain financial help. This he was able to do because of his wide knowledge, understanding and faith in the people who sought from him such help.
     His passing is not only a personal loss to his numerous friends and associates in Montgomery County and elsewhere, but brings to a close the public service of a family that has contributed much to the growth, development and tradition of Montgomery County.

 Respectfully submitted,
 John E. Oxley, Chairman
Alfred D. Noyes
Walter W. Dawson
William V. Bouic
Montgomery County Bar Association Memorial
Committee for the late Charles C. Jones


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