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Memorial-Higgins, Frank
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Frank Higgins
Year of Death: 1921 

The report of the committee appointed by your Honors to draft appropriate resolutions upon the death of Frank Higgins, late a member of the Montgomery County Bar, respectfully reports: 

Whereas it has pleased Almight God, the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, who does all things well, to remove from this world our brother, Frank Higgins, who was for thirty years one of the able, honest and fearless members of our Bar.

 Now, therefore, be it resolved that while we deeply deplore his loss as an honest, upright citizen, faithful and capable lawyer, always striving for the bettermen of the community and the County, a leader in the movement for the abolition of the sale of intoxicating liquors in our County, and in the various and many efforts to make and keep pure the morals of this community and County, we bow in humble submission to the Divine Will, and feel that we have lost an able member of our Bar, and the County a useful and valued citizen. Our Brother Higgins received his education at the Rockville Academey and was graduated from the National University Law School of Washingotn in 1891, and immediately began the practice of the law in this Town. He was an able, conscientious and painstaking lawyer, giving to all of his cases and his clients honest and sincere work, and during the long practice of thirty years enjoyed the esteeem and confidence of the Court, the members of the Bar and the citizens of the County. He was an ardent and faithfuly worker in the cause of temperance, and it was largely through his efforts that the illicit sale of intoxicating liquors was practically suppressed in our County, and his many efforts in this line and all other lines looking to the betterment of conditions in our County will be long remembered and appreciated by all of ous, and the influence he exerted will be felt for generations to come, by the earnest, consistent christian life he led and the calmness with which he met, what we must all meet, gives us assurance that by his own way and in his own time he will make for our Brother Higgins the Eternal Morning dawn, and the hand that touched him into sleep in this workd shall touch him into waking into a better and more glorious world, for he shall awake in his likeness, and looking in His face an flashing back its love, it s light its beauty, he sall break forth into song as the shining light of that never-ending day touches his transfigured and immortal head, in the triumphant, “I am satisfied for I wake in His likeness” and with rapturous joy can say,

                                “There is no death;

                                The stars go down to rise upon some other shore.

                                And bright in Heaven’s jeweled crown

                                They shine for evermore,

                                And ever see us, though unseen,

                                The dear immortal spirits tread

                                For all the boundless Universe is life,

                                There are no dead.”

 H. Maurice Talbott
Thos. Dawson
Robert B. Peter

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