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Memorial-Hancock, Alexander K.
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Alexander K. Hancock
August 10, 1900 – ??? 

JUDGE MATHIAS: I call upon David MacDonald. He will speakin memory of Alexander J. Hancock. 

     MR. MacDONALD: May it please the Court, members of the families of those we honor today and distirnguished ladies and gentlemen. 

     Alex J. Hancock. Alex was born August 10, 1900, in Savannah, Georgia, one of twelve children. In 1918 he enlisted in the Army and served in the Army of Occupation in Germany. Tiring of that routine, he applied for and obtained an appointment to West Point, and came home to enter the Academy. This he found less to his liking than the Army, and he resigned at the end of the first year. One reason for this, he couldn’t stand the starched, white duck trousers. 

     He migrated to Washington, finding a job working for his father. Here he met his future wife, and they were married in 1923. He returned to Savannah and there he became a lawyer and a C.P.A. After a brief stint practicing law, he returned to the Washington area and obtained a job with a local accounting firm. This firm was retained to do an audit of Montgomery County – about 1930 or 1931. After completion of the audit, Alex was hired by Montgomery County as its first auditor, and thus began his career with the Montgomery County Government, where he served as Director of Finance and Acting County Manager – for many years and with great distinction. 

     Alex was an exceedingly interesting person. In his younger days, he was an excellent wrestler and amateur tennis player. He was an accomplished musician and writer of poetry. 

     He was unpretentious, courageous, and steadfastly honest with himself and others. 

     Alex loved golf and played year round regardless of the weather. Newt Butts, Glen King, Stan Shepard, and Alex were a familiar foursome at the Montgomery Golf Club. They never had difficulty getting a starting time – because – they teed off at dawn. 

     As I mentioned, he was a writer of poetry and I’d like to read a little poem that he wrote, among many, but before I do so I want to remind you of the Memorial Bridge which traverses the Potomac from Virginia into our Nation’s Capital. And as you approach the Nation’s capital from the Virginia side there are two huge horses, statues of horses, one on the left and one on the right and Alex’s poem is entitled, “Arrival Via Memorial Bridge.” 

                                “I saw the beast.” -- Revelation 19:19 

                                   “Where the popular cult is but “Inverted snobbery;

                                    “Where the national taxing is “Legalized robbery;

                                     “This portal is proper, its “Motif Superior;

                                     “Right and left is an oversize “Equine posterior.” 

     JUDGE MATHIAS: Thank you, Mr. MacDonald. 

     Respondong in behalf of the bench I wish to say that Alexander J. Hancock was truly a man for all seasons. He was during his lifetime a certified public accountant, a lawyer, a department head in our County government, an auditor for this court, a Rotarian with forty years of perfect attendance and a lawyer of no mean ability. Whatever he did Alex did well. He was a public servant of the highest caliber and a credit to both the accounting and the legal professions. 

     The Clerk will please enter these proceedings upon the permanent Minutes of this court in memory of Alexander J. Hancock.

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