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Memorial--Cuddy, Paul Q.
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Paul Q. Cuddy


JUDGE SHOOK: We recognize Mr. Brodsky.


     MR. BRODSKY: With Your Honors’ permission, ladies and gentlemen, I too speak to the memory of a relatively young man, Paul Cuddy.

     I am reminded at this time of the words of a man who was a lawyer but principally a poet, John Donne, who said, “No man is an island”; and then went on to say that when the bell tolls, it tolls for Thee.

     Paul Cuddy was my friend, my law partner for many, many years; and I too feel as if a significant part of my life had departed when he left us.

      Paul was born in Athol, Massachusetts, spent his boyhood there. Then he went on to Holy Cross College where he graduated in the last of 1944 and was in the United States Navy and served with some distinction as a Gunnery Officer on a baby flattop in the Pacific.

     When he left the Navy, he came to Washington, attended Georgetown Law School and graduated from there. After this he practiced law in the District of Columbia and in Montgomery County where I practiced with him for many, many years until the time of his death last spring.

     He left a wife, and he left six children, all of whom I know personally to be fine and lovely people.

     It is with a note of sadness but yet moderated by the fact of my memories of Paul as a witty person that I speak to you here today.

     In an occupation where the use of a phrase, where our ability to accurately depict things is so important, my memories of Paul have always been of a joyful kind of person who imparted this joy to everyone about him.

     JUDGE SHOOK: Judge Moore will respond for the Court.


     JUDGE MOORE: I feel privileged to respond, on behalf of the Court, to the motion made by Jackson Brodsky with respect to his deceased and former partner and our friend, Paul Cuddy. His death was so sudden and untimely.

     Paul’s character, interests and achievements have been succinctly portrayed by Mr. Brodsky, and many other activities, some of which Jackson Brodsky has not mentioned. Mrs. Cuddy and their six children may take great pride.

     I would like to add this to Jackson Brodsky’s moving tribute - - that Paul Cuddy was always a gentleman in his professional appearance in this Court.

     He invariablly displayed that courtesy, refinement and scholarship as well as the wit to which Jackson Brodsky referred to, so frequently associated with native sons and daughters of the great commonwealth of Massachusetts. And of course, he retained those distinctive mannerisms of speech so characteristic of those who have been born and educated in the Bay State.

     We all deeply regret his passing. On behalf of the Court, I extend to his dear wife and six children our sincere sympathy; and the assurance that the Bench and Bar of this County are genuinely solicitous for their well-being. 

     Paul Cuddy had staunch friends in this community among Bench and Bar, among the public at large; and these friends are his family’s friends.

     May he enjoy the reward of eternal light and peace.

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