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Memorial--Christensen, Einar B. (Judge)
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The Honorable Einar Christensen
1898 - January 20, 1962 





     To the Honorable, The Judges of said court: 

     With the Court’s permission: 

     Today, the opening day of the October term, I have, at the direction of the President of the Bar Association of Montgomery County, Maryland, the sorrowful duty to report to Your Honors the passing of the former Chief Judge of the People’s Court of Montgomery County, Maryland. 

     Einar B. Christensen who was born in Oslo, Norway in the year 1898, departed this life in January 1962. In addition to his widow, Mrs. Emilie Christensen, he leaves his daughter, Mrs. Carol Buck, his granddaughter, Leslie, a newly-born grandson all of Baltimore, as well as his mother, Mrs. Bertha Christensen of Foxsboro, Massachusetts and three brothers, Rolf, Fred and Roy Christensen, all residents of the State of Massachusetts. 

     Judge Christensen received his early education in schools in the State of Massachusetts. After service in World War I in the Tank Corps, he enrolled in the University of Maryland where he received his law degree in the year 1924. He was admitted to the Bar of the State of Maryland and to the Bar of the District of Columbia this same year. Judge Christensen started his practice in the field of law in the City of Baltimore and subsequently moved to Silver Spring in Montgomery County and established his law office in the District of Columbia where he practiced before the courts there and in the courts of Montgomery County. 

      During this period of his life he was a member of the St. Luke Lutheran Church in Silver Spring. He was a member of the American Bar Association, the Maryland State Bar and the Montgomery County Bar. 

     In the year 1942 he was elected to the Orphans Court of Montgomery County and in the following year he was appointed as Trial Magistrate in the Silver Spring and Takoma Park Police Courts. This position he held with distinction for four years. During this time while serving as a trial magistrate, he also was in the private practice of law and appeared in this Court many, many times. Judge Christensen liked people and they, in turn, liked him. He not only found the time but took the time to enter into and servce actively in numerous civic activities and functions. He was an active member and trustee of the Silver Spring Hospital Association. He was an active chairman and member of the Boys Club of Silver Spring and Director of The Silver Spring YMCA. He was the founder and President for two terms of The Silver Spring Civitan Club and continued to be an active and ardent member of The Silver Spring Board of Trade and was a member of The American Legion, The Veterans of Foreign War and The Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity. 

     In the year of 1953 Judge Christensen was appointed by the then County Council for Montgomery County to be a Judge in the newly created People’s Court of Montgomery County. Subsequent to this appointment he became the first Chief Judge of that Court and served from that date to the date that he suffered his fatal heart attack, faithfully, conscientiously and well. During the period that he was serving as the Chief Judge of the People’s Court he worked continuously for improvements in this Court so that it was considered and is considered one of the best lower court systems in the State of Maryland, as well as the United States. During the year of 1958 the American Bar Association commended the People’s Court for its outstanding performance in the improvement of its Traffic Court procedures and practice. Justice Tom Clark of the United States Supreme Court, as a member of the Traffic Court Committee of the American Bar Association, made the award to Judge Christensen at that time. This Court recently received an additional award from the American Bar Association for its continued advancement and improvement in this field. The Court has endeavored to carry on the procedures and policies that Judge Christensen worked so hard and so diligently to establish. 

     This courteous, kindly, understanding, pleasant, highly-motivated, rightly ambitious and hard-working man accomplished much in his lifetime as a lawyer, as a civic leader, as a well-respected resident of Montgomery County and the State of Maryland, as well as the Chief Judge of The People’s Court of Montgomery County and accomplished all this in the highest tradition. Unfortunately Judge Christensen suffered his first heart attack in the early part of August of 1961 but returned to the Bench as quickly as he possibly could but then was fatally sticken in the early hours of January 20 in his home in Silver Spring. 

     May I, Your Honors, on behalf of the Bar and, with your special permission, on behalf of the Bench, here express to Mrs. Christensen and his family our sincere sympathy and condolences in the loss which they have suffered and, Your Honors, I move the Court to permit the recording of this Memorial among the permanent minutes of the proceedings of this Court, and further move that copies hereof be sent to the members of the family of Einar B. Christensen, Esquire, deceased, and further, upon the conclusion of these proceedings, I move that the Court stand recessed or adjourned in memory of and in honor to Einar B. Christensen and such other members of the Bar Association of Montgomery County as have departed this life in our last term of Court. 


                                                                                                 John B. Diamond III, Chief Judge

                                                                                                People’s Court of Montgomery County

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