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Lawyer Referral Service

The Lawyer Referral Service is a non-profit community service of the Bar Association of Montgomery County, Maryland. It is just one of the many services extended to you by the lawyers of the local Bar Association.

Over the years, the Bar Association of Montgomery County has found that many people delay in consulting a lawyer until it is too late to avoid costly legal problems. They delay because they are not sure whether they actually need a lawyer or do not know how to obtain legal services. In order to best serve the people of Montgomery County, the Bar Association instituted the Lawyer Referral Service.

If You Need A Lawyer

If you are in a situation in which it is important for you to know your legal rights, but are confused about how to find a lawyer, the LAWYER REFERRAL SERVICE can assist you by telephone at the office of the Bar Association of Montgomery County.

Phone: 301-279-9100 (Telephone intakes only, no walk-ins)

Hours: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm, Monday through Friday

For After Hour Referrals, please use our online referral link

Spanish Speaking Operator Available

How it Works

    • A representative will assist you in locating and referring you to an attorney who is well versed in the area of law needed. 
    • A fee will be charged by the attorney for a 30 minute in-office consultation.  If your consultation with the attorney exceeds the 30 minute period, he or she may charge additional fees based on their normal hourly rate.
    • OUT OF STATE REFERRALS: If you are not a resident of Maryland, your 30-minute consultation with your attorney will be conducted over the phone.  Out-of-state referrals must be paid in advance via check or credit card.
    • MULTIPLE LANGUAGES: We do have lawyers on our panel who speak several languages. If you need this service, please request that at the time of referral.
    • REDUCED FEE SERVICES: You may qualify for the Lawyer Referral Reduced Fee Program, if your income falls within certain prescribed guidelines. For further details, ask the Lawyer Referral Service about the REDUCED FEE and GRAY PANEL programs.

Following are areas of law:

    • Administrative & Agency Law (Federal, State and Local)
    • Bankruptcy (Individual & Corporate)
    • Business
    • Civil Rights
    • Collections
    • Computer Law (Internet & Other Issues)
    • Consumer Issues
    • Contracts
    • Corporations or Partnerships
    • Criminal Law
    • Discrimination
    • Education Law
    • Elder Law
    • Employee/Employer Relations
    • Environmental Law
    • Family Law
    • Health Law
    • Immigration/Naturalization
    • Insurance
    • International Law
    • Juvenile Law
    • Labor Relations
    • Landlord and Tenant
    • Libel & Slander
    • Malpractice (Legal & Medical)
    • Mediation
    • Military Law
    • Negligence
    • Patents, Copyrights, & Trademarks
    • Pensions (Government & Private)
    • Personal Injury and Property Damage
    • Real Estate Purchases
    • Social Security
    • Taxes
    • Traffic Violations
    • Wills, Estates, & Trusts
    • Unemployment
    • Veteran's Issues
    • Workers' Compensation


The Bar Association of Montgomery County wants you to know about lawyers and how to obtain their services.


No one other than duly admitted members of the Bar may practice law. To be admitted to the Bar in Maryland, one must meet high educational standards and pass a comprehensive examination to demonstrate his/her qualifications. Upon being admitted to the Bar, a lawyer is sworn into the Bar by the Court of Appeals.


A lawyer's first duty is to the person who employs his/her services, you the client. The lawyer will work to see that you obtain the benefit of all legal rights you may have in connection with the issue presented. Since your lawyer is bound by the high standards of his/her profession to be completely loyal to your case and to advise you fully of your rights and obligations, you, in return, must give your lawyer all the facts and make a fair disclosure of the entire situation.


Attorneys: If you are interested in joining the Lawyer Referral Panel, please call (301) 424-7040, for information.

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