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Memorial--Brunett, John L.
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John L. Brunett
Passed Away on December 25, 1914

At a meeting of the Members of the Bar of Montgomery County, heard on the 26th day of December, 1914, the undersigned Committee was appointed to prepare a minute upon the death of John L. Brunett and present it at this time, with the request that it be spread upon the Minutes of the Court.

In discharge of the duty assigned to it the Committee respectfully submits the following and presents that, in addition to being spread upon the minutes of the Court, a copy thereof duly authenticated by the Clerk be sent to the family of Mr. Brunett.

Phillip D. Laird
Alex Kilgour
Wm. H. Talbott
Frank Higgins
Thomas Dawson

John L. Brunett, late Clerk of the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, after a brief illness, died on Christmas Day, December 25th, 1914, in the fifty fifth year of his age. His services in office extended over a period of twenty nine years, first as deputy under James Anderson and Thomas Davison, In 1903 and again in 1909, he was elected to the Clerkship, and it is beyond doubt that had he lived he would have been elected for another term probably without opposition.

Mr. Brunett was a deservedly popular man, and his popularity was based upon the solid qualities which commanded respect and confidence, rather than upon the arts which catch the fancy and liking of men. But he was not devoid of the characteristics which earned affection from those who knew him well. Modest in deportment, retiring in temperament, he was, at the same time, interested in the community and in the individuals comprising it, and performed the full measure of duty as a citizen and as a friend. As all officers of this Court his work was admirable. His conception of official duty was founded upon the highest standards. He regarded public office as a trust of which the people were the beneficiaries and devoted himself unreservedly to the work the people had given him to do.

No private ends were permitted to interrupt or interfere with the important interests committed to his charge. The result of his devotion to duty is seen in the well ordered efficient office, second to none in the state and as an example which will fix for years to come the standards towards which his successor must aim. He found his reward in the confidence and esteem of his fellow citizens and of the Court which he served with diligence and fidelity. The members of the Bar desire to express their profound sympathy with his family, and to record their own personal grief at the loss of a friend, who by his unfailing courtesy, in his daily association with them had endeared himself to each member.

The above Resolution was seconded by the following members of the Bar, each of whom made appropriate preamble:

Charles W. Prettyman Esquire
Albert M. Bouic Esquire
Bouic F. Waters Esquire
Wm. H. Talbott Esquire
Thomas Dawson Esquire
John A. Garrett Esquire
Robert B. Peter Esquire
Chas. Norman Bouic Esquire
E. H. Robertson Esquire
Neale Park Esquire
Of the Carroll County Bar Association

Whereupon the Court after remarks appropriate to the occasion ordered that the Resolution be offered upon the minutes of this Court, that a duly authenticated copy thereof be made by the Clerk and sent to the family of Mr. Brunett and that copies of the Resolution be prepared and sent to the newspapers of the County.

(Organize filed in Rough Bundle)

Whereupon the Court adjourned for the day out of respect to the memory to the said John L. Brunett, late Clerk.

Reslin B. Ray, Clerk

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