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Memorial--Becker, Martin S. (Judge)
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The Honorable Martin S. Becker

 JUDGE MATHIAS: I now call upon Judge Leonard Ruben of the District Court for Montgomery County to speak in memory of Judge Martin S. Becker of that court.

JUDGE RUBEN: Judges, ladies and gentlemen, most especially Mrs. Etta Becker and Mr. David Becker. It is with sadness at this time that I stand once more in this room where in August of 1976 I had the pleasure of responding on behalf of the District Court at the investiture of The Honorable Martin S. Becker.

It was just a short three years later that the sad task of eulogizing Judge Becker fell to me.

As I stated at his investiture he was a man imbued with sincerity and determination to accomplish the best in his every pursuit. The prediction that he would bring with him to the bench an ability to balance the scales of justice and to serve the bench, bar and public well was completely fulfilled. No harsh criticism of a lawyer before him ever passed from his lips. He listened attentively to argument of counsel and always explained clearly the reasons for his decisions. He possessed an instinctive antipathy for sham, pretense and exaggeration and his principles were deep and steady. He had both modesty and a strong rewarding sense of humor.

Capstones were placed upon his meaningful and effective record of professional and public service by his election to the Maryland House of Delegates, his appointment as Chairman of the Economic Matters Committee of the Legislature and as Chairman of the Montgomery County Delegation and of course his appointment and service on the District Court of Maryland.

It has been said that Judge Becker brought to the bench a judicial flavor of his own manifested by removing tension from the courtroom merely with his presence and making it possible for all to feel comfortable with due respect toward the law and the Court. This aura still prevails in our court with much
Credit for it belonging to Judge Becker.

All the grace, and charm of a happy man, his lovely wife and daughters and the warm friendship for his associates evidenced themselves throughout Judge Becker’s life.

All of us who knew him enjoyed this warm friendship and our lives were enriched by it. We shall indeed be blessed if the world is fortunate to see his like again.

Thank you.

JUDGE MATHIAS: Thank you, Judge Ruben.

I call upon Judge Stanley B. Frosh to respond for the court.

JUDGE FROSH: Fellow members of the bench and the bar and the family and friends of Martin Becker. We have always prayed that we be taught how to number our days that we may attain a heart of wisdom, and so it has been for our colleague and our friend, Martin S. Becker, lately a judge of the District Court for Montgomery County.

There is no greater reward that comes to the remembering of a man’s life than that he lived it in the service of his family, his community, his State and his country.

We have heard the loving remarks of Marty’s close friend and his colleague, Judge Leonard Ruben.

We are all mindful of Judge Martin Becker’s career. I knew him as a young man struggling for a place in the sun as a lawyer in the District of Columbia and later in the State of Maryland. I knew himas a worker in the Democratic Party. I knew him as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates and I knew him as a judge.

True it is that this man attained a heart of wisdom and has merited the admiration of this State and this community and the right that his name and his memory be inscribed within the records of this court.

JUDGE MATHIAS: Thank you, Judge Frosh.

The remarks in memory of Judge Becker will be spread upon the permanent Minutes of this court.

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