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Memorial--Ball, Andrew D.
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Andrew D. Ball
Passed Away on June 10, 2000

Death without warning is, to a friend or loved one, the cruelest of possible happenings. Our friend and colleague, Andy Ball, Esq., vanished suddenly from our lives Saturday, June 10, 2000. The feeling of emptiness still resonates inside us all. Following the Memorial Service and listening to the courageous and moving orations by Andy's sons, Jonathan and Jeffrey, many of us milled around aimlessly in the parking lot of Danzansky's, still stunned wondering why it happened. It finally occurred to me that there is utterly no point in speculating why Andy killed himself, why his colleagues did not perceive his inner demons and intervene, why his family was seemingly powerless in helping to combat these forces, and so forth. There is no "bright line" answer here and we would be presumptuous to think otherwise. No one likely will ever know. I know one thing for sure though-blame, guilt, and "what ifs" have no place here. To be sure, we are tempted to find blame in the natural human quest to find reason and solace. As here, there often are no solid answers and we must therefore allow the grief to pass, put this tragedy behind us, and reluctantly move on.

I choose to attend to the positives of Andy in this piece. This does honor and gives respect to Andy's considerable legacy. I met him over fifteen years ago when our firm rented him office space at our Adams Law Center in Rockville (shown in photo, with United States flag flying at half mast in memory of Andrew). For thirteen years, until he moved to another suite in the complex, we did business on a handshake. He was such an honorable, sincere person there was no reason to do otherwise. Blessed with a powerful intellect, educated and experienced in specialties of the law we litigators know little about, he quickly became the confidante of many. He was gentle, thoughtful and smart. We referred clients to each other and mine were always impressed and well served by his careful analysis of the complex estate, corporate, or tax problem presented. No doubt the reason clients from all walks of life and his fellow lawyers respected him so much, was the patient and caring attention he exhibited in trying to help them. He was a family lawyer in the old fashioned sense in that the relationship he formed with a client was a valued relationship for life. Relationships were important to Andy. Andy Ball was proud to be a lawyer. He did much good over his years. Speaking for the Bar and myself, I am proud he was one of us. He will be missed.

God speed, Andy,

Thomas L. Heeney, Esquire

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