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Mission, Vision & Core Values
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Bar Foundation Vision

Pride in Membership
Leadership in Justice


Our Mission

We Support the Mission of the Bar Association of Montgomery County, Maryland

  • We educate legal professionals and the public
  • We provide pro bono legal services and charitable support to the community

Core Values

PROFESSIONALISM: A constant striving for excellence in the endeavors of our Association and Foundation on behalf of our members and the community; always acting with civility and ethics in all of our individual pursuits and collective initiatives; respect and empathy for our clients, the community and our fellow members; and diligence in the pursuit of justice.

INTEGRITY: Doing the right thing in every circumstance; demonstrating tolerance, respect and civility in interactions with our fellow members and in the pursuit of all personal and professional endeavors; promoting honesty and fair dealing in all our actions.

EQUALITY: The equitable, equal and fair treatment of all members; the encouragement of diversity in the Association, and support for disparate practices; being inclusive and respectful of the ideas, personal values and circumstances of every member; and assuring equal access to the rights, privileges and benefits of membership.

SERVICE: Recognizing the value of service to our fellow members of the Bar and to the community in which we practice; demonstrating a constant commitment to the best interests of our members and to the community; emphasizing the continuing education of each of our members; fostering professionalism, economic success and personal fulfillment in each of our members, while promoting the best interest of the community.The Montgomery County Bar Foundation
The Montgomery County, Maryland, Bar Foundation shall have the specific purpose to organize, operate, and contribute to programs dedicated to the promotion of social welfare, the elimination of prejudice and discrimination, the protection of human and civil liberties protected by law, and ensure the availability of qualified legal assistance of every kind to the member of the community.

Contact Us
Bar Association of
     Montgomery County, MD

27 West Jefferson St.
Rockville, MD 20850
Ph: 301-424-3454
Our Mission

We provide access to, and improve the administration of justice in our ever-evolving community. We offer valuable benefits, services and opportunities to our members. We advance the delivery of quality legal services by our members.