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School Mock Trials
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2018 High School Mock Trial Competition

I want to thank everyone so much for their assistance with the 2018 High School Mock Trial Competition. This year we had 25 high schools from across the County compete in this year’s competition. Each school got to participate in at least 4 trials in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County. Those that did well advanced to the playoffs. I want to thank the following attorneys that participated in the program as Judges for this year’s competition.

Marjorie DiLima              Jeffrey Harab                   Richard Schimel           
Jeremy Rachlin              Courtney Schaefer           David Merken           
Scott Futrovsky              Richard Hagerty               Jennifer Leatherman           
Alan Levenstein             Samuel Shapiro                
Kate McDonough         
Tracey Coates               Callie Carnemark              Michael Neary
Brian Frank                    Ilana Kramer                     Julie Christopher           
Bernard Dennis             Lili Khozeimeh                   
Richard Finci             
Steven Blomberg          Eduardo Garcia                  Lu Carlson                       
Robert Anderson          
Mark Futrovsky                   Steven Vinick               
Christopher Fogleman          Heather Kafetz           Raymond Pinkerton
Paul Chung                  Kenneth West                     Christopher Martin               
Nicholas Picerno          Joshua Berman                  
Sharon Diamant       
Geoff Platnick               Lydia Lawless                     Maura Lynch                   
Judy Cornwell               
Diane Feuerherd                S. Hayes Edwards       
Shari Boscolo                Timothy Smith                   Christy Zlotkus
Jody Malstrom               James Dietrich                  Rachel McGuckian               
Joe Fitzpatrick               Rich Costella                     
Glenn Cooper         
Patricia Weaver             Donna McBride                 Brad Bernstein

I would also like to thank many of our Magistrates and Judges for acting as Judges in the playoff’s for this year’s competition.

Judge Carlos Acosta        Judge Rand Gelber          Magistrate Lisa Segal
Judge John Moffett          Judge Debbie Dwyer        Judge Robert Greenberg

Finally, a big thank you to all of the Judges for allowing the use of their Courtrooms and for the Sheriffs for their assistance in opening each Courtroom and staying later than usual in the Courthouse.

The students all did a wonderful job and improve each year. Looking forward to next year’s competition.

Brad Bernstein and Casey Cirner, Co-Chairs of the High School Mock Trial Program


Bradford S. Bernstein

Casey L. Cirner


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