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School Mock Trials
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Another great year. This was the most competitive and largest competition in the last 15 years for which I have been running this program. Over 25 schools competed in over 70 trials held at the Circuit Court between January 22nd and March 8th, 2019. The winner of the competition this year was Richard Montgomery High School – who always puts together a top 5 team. This program would not be possible without all the attorneys, magistrates and judges who took the time to judge one of the many trials.

I would like to thank:

Samuel Shapiro               Shawn Whittaker                 Alan Levenstein                     Maura Lynch
David De Jong                 Mark Futrovsky                  Richard Schimel                     Mark Schweitzer
John Murphy                   Ken West                             Lili Khozeimeh                       Ken Armstrong
Colleen Coffman             James Hammerschmidt       Evan Goitein                           Scott Futrovsky
Michael Campbell           Todd Forster                        Michael McAuliffe                 Nicholas Picerno
Jeffrey Harab                   Daniel Shavitz                     Nat Finkelstein                       Larry Ceppos
Jeremy Rachlin                Heather Sweren                   Kate McDonough                  Courtney Schaefer
Bill Simmons                   Kristina Badalian                Richard Hagerty                     Michael Neary
Jeffrey Seaman                Stephen Shechtel                 Allison McFadden                  Marjorie DiLima
Jamie Alvarado-Taylor    James Parsons                     Mort Faller                              Matthew May
Alan Eisler                      Bernard Dennis                   Parva Fattahi                            Mayah Wells
Darryl Feldman               David Schiller                    Candace Yi                               Ellery Johannessen
Brian Frank                     Paul Chung                         Richard Finci                           Donna McBride
Rachel T. McGuckian     Patricia Weaver                  Glenn Cooper                          Clark Wisor
Lydia Lawless

I would also like to thank Special Magistrate Keith Rosa, Magistrate Bibi Berry and Magistrate Lisa Segel, Judge James Sarsfield, Judge Rand Gelber, Judge Eric Nee,
Judge John Moffett, Judge Debbie Dwyer, Judge Margaret Schweitzer and Judge Christopher Folgeman for judging many of the trials.

Of course, without use of the Courtrooms or the assistance of the Sheriff’s Office, none of this would be possible. A big thank you to Judge Harry Storm,
Judge Kevin Hesler, Judge David Lease, Judge Jill Cummins, Judge John Maloney, Judge James Bonifant, Judge Anne Albright, Judge Karla Smith,
Judge Cheryl McCally,  Judge Debbie Dwyer and Judge Margaret Schweitzer for use of their courtrooms each evening. A special thank you to Sergeant Nathan Fee and Alexis Zelaya from the Assignment Office for their assistance as well. 

Finally, I could not have organized this event without my colleague, Casey Cirner, who was instrumental in arranging all the Courtrooms this year.

~Brad Bernstein, Co-Chair


Bradford S. Bernstein

Casey L. Cirner


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