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“Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes.”
Benjamin Franklin

“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” 
- Richard Cushing

Last month we talked about clearing clutter, and organizing our lives. Now let’s talk about organizing for our end-of-life and rethinking our approach to it.

As lawyers, we routinely advise our clients to have a will or trust, powers of attorney, and a living will.  We explain how these documents allow them to do tax planning, decide who will be guardian of their children, who cares for their pets, who gets their treasured items and the rest of their property after they die, etc.  We advise them to pick a qualified personal representative, give that person a copy of their will, keep the original in a safe, and known, place.  We tell them to review their will yearly, maybe on New Year’s Day, or their birthday, to make sure it still does what they want, because life changes things.

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