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Techlectic ... by Pat Hoover

Holiday Gifts

     With a nod to those smart folks at Starbucks and the symbol-free, striking red holiday coffee cup design just released, I too don't play favorites. If you, like so many of Montgomery County's finest chose instead to donate your time and money to a favorite charity or worthy cause, refusing to engage in the annual holiday money binge, I salute you! And will keep this short. Here are two great gift ideas and one dog…


Apple's new iPad Pro was recently released to much fanfare and some criticism, but without a doubt making great inroads and advancement in the executive market. The Pro is the most expensive tablet that Apple sells but when compared with the very successful Windows’ Surface line of tablets, the cost is not bad. And without a doubt, the iPad Pro is tops in the humongous availability of apps including many crucial and very useful gusiness apps easily afforded, downloaded, and configured. Not so much with the Surface. Designed by the uber engineers at Apple in hopes of moving beyond the current consumer perception of the iPad as a mainly content only/tablet-as-a-picture frame device, the new iPad Pro is a whole other animal.


In 2015, Microsoft Surface and the SurfacePro  created a real upset in the portable Device Computer market. The surface created an instance where Apple followed Microsoft’s lead for a change. Both the iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface are much more then mere tablets. They are in fact stand-alone computers in almost every respect. The Surface Pro has garnered high praise and made great inroads into the business portable computing market. Many of the features in the Surface Pro are unique to the Windows environment and far better able to handle its software such as Outlook, Office Online, and all the rest.


Apple Watch, NO, DONT DO IT! I BOUGHT ONE AND REGRET IT. Enough said, because I really don't want talk about it ... really.


Jessica Blumberg
Keith Rosa



To Be Announced