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Techlectic ... by Pat Hoover

Your Travel Blogs as Marketing Tool. Consider adding your travels, personal vacations, overseas assignments and other journeys taken, to your social media footprint. If, as market experts, lawyer publicists and advertising pros all insist, that our clients want to feel connected to an ongoing admiration for their lawyer, this idea could go a long way toward achieving that important objective. A well designed, artfully written and visually exciting travel blog, presenting only the best of your travel adventures to the viewing public could be a real boon to your online social media presence, translating to increased traffic and interest in your attorney services. And hey, it’s also a lot of fun for you and your loved ones and fans at home. Check out this recent travel blog created with Wordpress: Wish I Were Here.
     And NO, I’m certainly not suggesting you start posting your Instagram pics and private Facebook photos to your public web site or to the profile page on your LinkedIn account.
     Attorneys love to travel and to explore new places and different people and cultures wherever and whenever possible. Example: The CrimeTravel Lawyer.  A highly educated and naturally curious group, lawyers are among the most widely traveled individuals found anywhere. Think of all the great travel adventures in your life, the great photographs you’ve taken of distant lands and the well written letters, postcards and emails describing your travels, sent while abroad to family and friends at home. Example: From Human Rights Lawyer To Travel Blogger: How Cuba Changed My Life at
     The look and feel of a highly produced, well polished travel blog was, until recently, nearly impossible for most of us to create. Instead, now consider the explosion of the next generation travel blogs that have come upon the Internet in various forms over recent months and years.  These new online programs now offer all of us a newer, easier, free or low cost and far more convenient means of creating a professional travel blog. Striking and unique new templates make the old look of amateur travel blogs obsolete. The easily mastered skills afforded by widely available SAS programs like that of the free Wordpress ( and
https://discover.wordpress.comWordpress Intro/) allow all of us to produce a great travel blog, on the fly and to remotely post to our public social media sites with relative ease from virtually anywhere via smartphone. 
     If you can write well and take decent photos, there is every reason to now upload your real time travel posts, photos and videos illustrating your attractive travel blog for family, friends AND for interested clients - online to ALL of your social media outlets. Think about it.



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