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Techlectic ... by Pat Hoover

     Optimize your web site! Seriously, it’s not expensive but so worth the modest cost and minimal effort most attorneys will face in making this happen. Be among the first to make the transition. Only 5% of all websites are optimized for mobile viewing. And, for sure, we can safely assume that the 5% number is far smaller when considering only lawyer and law firm web sites. For no more than a couple of hundred bucks, you can get this done by the experts and if you are good with things like Wordpress plugins or whichever vendor runs your current non-optimized desktop site, you can even do this for yourself. Below, at, I’ve set out before and after photographs which show my own site as viewed on a mobile device. You'll see the difference easily and no more than a quick look will prove my point.
     By all means, try this test on your own desktop non-optimized mobile website. Simply pull up your old website on your smart phone and ask yourself if your website is as mobile-friendly and easily readable, clickable and functional as it should be. I promise, websites which have been optimized for mobile viewing, play far nicer with your clients (and potential clients) than do bigger clunkier desktop websites. Most significantly, of all web “shoppers” in the US, something like 65% shop using a portable mobile device rather than a desktop computer. Whether clients are using their smart phone, tablet or Web connected ebook reader, if you want your site to be found and read by clients using their mobile device, better make sure it’s optimized to look good and act right on the far smaller displays of most portable/mobile devices. Otherwise, if your site is like mine was until very recently and like so many others still are, you're going to be screwed.
     Here are a couple of local vendors who can easily create a mobile optimized version of your current web site for not a lot of time or money:, and Garey with was great. He quickly turned around my job in a just day.


Optimized for Mobile                    Non-Optimized


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