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Bench Bar -- District Court
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District Court Bench Bar Committee

    The District Court Bench Bar Committee held its March meeting on April 2, 2015.  
Civil Matters:
     The civil office is complaining that attorneys are not following routine practices with their court filings.  Some of the issues are:
A) Filing new suits
     An original complaint with exhibits, plus a complete copy for each defendant, should be filed by counsel.  
B) Discovery
     Attorneys are filing discovery requests and discovery responses.  This is not to be done.  In fact, it is prohibited by the Rules of Procedure.  
C) Large filings
     If you have a large amount of exhibits with a pleading, do not use one of the big copper staples to fasten all your pleadings or exhibits together.  It is difficult for the clerk to remove these staples.  
D) Stamp filed copies
     If you want a copy of a pleading back, you must provide a self address stamped envelope to the court.
E) Incorrect forms
     Some attorneys are using the limited Affidavit for posting and/or publication for routine summons service.  This is not to be done.   The service of a summons by posting or publication requires a court order to authorize this service.  
Criminal Matters:
Announcements regarding criminal and traffic cases 
     The Court has adopted a new procedure for hearing alleged violations of pre-trial release where defendants have been assigned to the Pre-Trial Supervision Unit [PSTU]: 
     Instead of being scheduled on a random basis, the Court will consider PTSU violations only on Tuesdays in Rockville District Court, Courtroom 513.  The exact time these cases will be heard will depend on the length of the Tuesday Preliminary Inquiry docket, where persons charged with DUI are being advised to hire Counsel.  Preliminary Inquiries usually start at 8:30 a.m., so PTSU violations will probably be heard not later than 10:00 a.m. 
Other Administrative Matters:
A) Late Continuance Requests
     Even if by consent, if a last minute continuance request is not ruled on by the court date, the parties are not excused from appearing.  
B) Oral Exams
     Counsel should check the rules on limitations for filing Oral Exams.  The rules specify that only one Oral Exam maybe taken without leave of court.  If more than one Oral Exam is desired, counsel should follow the rules in requesting a leave of court and provide the basis.


Reginald W. Bours
Richard D. London



September 30, 2015*
*Back to Court Night, exact time To Be Determined

Committee Meetings will be held on the 1st Thursday of the month at 8AM in the Judges Conference Room in the District Court building, 191 East Jefferson St., Rockville, MD, unless otherwise noted.