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President's Message
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My mother used to say “ You reap what you sow.”  It was a few years before I realized she was quoting from the Bible.  Good source, wise woman, my mother.
     Our members have planted many seeds and we are reaping the benefits…in so many ways. Allow me to share just some of the many things I am thankful for that would not have occurred but for the generous contributions of our members. Although it is not possible provide an all inclusive list of every person who deserves credit, allow me make you aware of some recent events or actions of note.   I am truly thankful for:
The over 60 attorneys involved in creating and presenting the Creating and Improved Tomorrow (C-IT) presentation on Heroin, Opioids and Synthetic Drugs to over 6000 students in 6 public high schools and  PTA’s ; and
     The police officers, school staff and faculty members who have facilitated the C-IT program; and
     The generous financial donations from members to C-IT which will fund Public Service Announcement and Essay contests, Mock Trials and the culminating event at the courthouse at the end of the school year; and     The 3 members who agreed to be co-chairs of the BAMC Speakers Bureau; Magistrate Jim Bonifant,  Ed Tydings, Esq., and Steve Chaikin, Assistant State’s Attorney, they will be in charge of coordinating and taking the C-IT program to middle and high schools, PTA’s, and other entities throughout the county; and
     Planet Depot for videotaping our C-IT presentations so they can be shared far and wide; please feel free to see the presentations for yourselves at this link:; and
     Our Drug Court Judges Nelson Rupp and Joseph Quirk and staff for volunteering to run this uniquely successful program over and above their usual duties; and
     The judicial candidates for enduring the application process, the BAMC Judicial Selections Committee for their hard work and professionalism and heartfelt congratulations to our newly appointed Circuit Court Judge Harry C. Storm; and
     Our members who are also members of the Legislature, who will be working on elimination of contested judicial elections, strengthening the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program and expanding the Good Samaritan Law among other things, and to bar members Lynn Perry Parker, Esq. and Andrew Reckson, Esq., who will be keeping an eye on legislative matters on behalf of BAMC; and
     Our veteran members who made significant donations to Veterans Airlift Command as a result of hearing from Bob Michael at our November Bar Luncheon regarding his volunteer flying of Wounded Warriors and families to and from Walter Reed Medical Center; and
     Our Lt. Governor’s Heroin & Opioid Emergency Task Force Report of December 1, 2015, and the progress reflected therein,  please see this link: for details; and
     Becky Strandberg for her “Know your Colleagues” interviews of our members each month. Thanks to Becky I learned that my own mentee, Andrew Han, an Assistant State’s Attorney,  and a Captain in the National Guard,  was  called to serve during the recent Baltimore riots following the death of Freddie Gray. Thank you Andrew for your service; and
     Our committee and section chairs and co chairs for their time and devotion this year. Please take advantage of the growing number of CLE’s offered.  We will have midyear updates from each section in next month’s newsletter; and
     Brad Bernstein, Esq. who is gearing up to begin the gargantuan task of coordinating the High School Moot Court Trial competitions again this year; let’s pray the winter weather this year doesn’t make it doubly challenging for him, the attorneys and judges who  generously contribute their time to this wonderful effort; and
     The Redskins, may we see the glory of days of old this season; and
     Finally, thank you to those of you who have taken a moment to say a few kind words to me about my genuine efforts to write a column worth reading.  Writing a column that may be read by as many as 2700 very fine lawyers and judges can make one feel a bit vulnerable.
     Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him, I may think aloud.”  I am grateful for your friendship or at the very least, for your tolerance. If nothing else, I am sincere.
Please remember to:
     1. Sign up for and consider being a sponsor for Law Day April 22, 2016 at which President-elect Lauri Cleary will be sworn in before over 500 attendees;
     2. Consider a donation to the Bar Foundation to “Honor a Lawyer” to recognize someone who has made a difference in your career or the legal community;
     3. Plan to attend and bring your spouse or guest to the Battle of the Barristers at Smokey Glen on May 25, 2016
Looking forward to our next speaker for the February 2, 2016 Bar Luncheon; well known attorney Al Frederick, Esquire, will advise us on “5 Ways to Avoid Finding Yourselves before the Attorney Grievance Commission”.  In the meantime, stay warm!

Lynn Caudle Boynton