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President's Message
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“There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.”
                                 -Ralph Waldo Emerson

     I am awed and inspired by the many talents of our members and their generosity of spirit demonstrated by donation of their time and expertise to benefit this Bar Association. As I begin my term as President, I feel fortunate to have inherited a healthy Association, thanks to previous administrations and especially thanks to Mal Snyder, Joe Lynott, Judge Moffett, Richard Melnick, Julie Petersen and our staff at Bar headquarters. I am humbled by the opportunity to lead this organization and will do my utmost to live up to the high standards of past administrations. I also intend to maintain support for the initiatives of those that have preceded me.  
     Mal and many others, worked hard to obtain a huge array of benefits for our members and if you haven’t already printed out your bar card from the BAMC website, I ask that you print it out right now, put it in your wallet and begin to take advantage of the many discounts available to you with regard to business supplies, restaurant discounts and the like. Mal and others also worked hard to create social settings where bar members could gather easily….providing opportunities to reinforce the collegiality we all treasure. As our bar association grows, and as we all rely on email and social media more and more, these face to face social events are critical to maintaining the foundation of the authentic relationships we should all strive to have with our peers. Case in point, the upcoming First Annual Battle of the Barristers is scheduled to take place on May 27 at Smokey Glen Farms….this will be a fabulous opportunity to interact with your peers and introduce new attorneys to fellow bar members. Many events take you away from your family, but this is a great event to bring your spouse to, where they will meet the many people you may have mentioned over the years. If you like good food, great music and outstanding company, you cannot miss this event!!!
     Our Bar Association began in 1894, was the first bar association in the state and consisted of 13 members.  We now have over 2700 members.  Through the years the association and its members have served selflessly to educate the public, to provide pro bono services to those in need,  to establish the Bar Foundation to conduct charitable  events and  participate in community service of all kinds, to develop future leaders of the bar association through the Leadership Academy, to provide continuing legal education to our members, to maintain a good dialog between the judiciary and the practicing  attorneys to insure the administration of justice is fair and equitable, to provide lawyer assistance to our peers, to represent us in Annapolis, to provide opportunities to give input to our legislature and to inform us with legislative updates, to provide a lawyer referral service that benefits lawyers and potential clients, and to enhance the image of lawyers in the eyes of the public. It is important to note that the many people who have made these things possible did not do their good deeds to be recognized for it, but simply to do what they see as their civic duty to make our Bar an asset to our community, and in turn to our families and friends. 
     In an effort to get to know one another better, and to uncover some of the unknown talents, interests and accomplishments of our diverse membership, Becky Strandberg has agreed to interview members and share her findings in a column in our monthly newsletter. Please suggest persons she should interview by emailing me at  
     I am the first lawyer in my family. My father and mother were so proud to have a daughter who was a lawyer. My father was also the first to tell jokes that knocked lawyers……I am sure you have all had to listen to people denigrate our profession. Some of you grin and bear it, others may protest. I would like to “toot the horn” of our members if you will allow me to do so.   When reading our Bar history on the BAMC website, I noted that Former President Jim Thompson once said something to the effect of  “Our bar members are so busy doing good, we don’t have time to tell anyone about it”.  He was right.  I know those of you who volunteer your time and talent to this association or other worthy causes do it because you choose to do it for the right reasons and not for recognition. However, we would like to bring it to the attention of the community by sharing the efforts of our many projects, including but not limited to, the  Foundation with its Special Olympics events, Support of the Drug Court, the High School Moot Court competitions, the pro bono legal clinics as well as our own personal philanthropic efforts. I ask that you share your good works with us so that we may mention them in our newsletter and share this information with some of the local newspapers and media. If you have suggestions as to other means of sharing our good works, please feel free to contact me!

Lynn Caudle Boynton