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School Mock Trials
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School Mock Trials
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2014 High School Mock Trial Winners


Richard Montgomery High School

Varsity Team Members
Alyssa Hu
Bethany Pereira
Camden Ostrander
Emilie Montgomery
Max Molot
Michelle Schrier
Nathan Poland
Nikita Sardana
Sarah Krosnick
Sharika Dhar
Sophia Dellafiora
Sylvia Regan

Team Alternates
Andrew Del Vecchio
Ross Berman
Gabriel Guedes
Rebecca Stryer
Emma Rogers
Maeve Givens
Jack Gramlich

Daniel Evans, Teacher Coach
Ben Vaughan, Attorney Coach

The Bar Foundation would like to thank the following attorneys and judges for making this year’s competition a huge success.
The following individuals acted as judges for this year’s competition:

Daniel Owel
Jeffrey Harab
Alan Levenstein
Janet Nesse
Michael McAuliffe
Lili Khozeimeh
James Rubin
Kate McDonough
Kelly Hibbert
Jonathan Barnes
Peter Greenburg
Richard Hagerty
Corey Talcott
Brian Frank
Mark Futrovsky
Lindsey Parvis
Todd Forster
Geoff Platnick
Jeremy Rachlin
A.P. Pishevar
Rand Gelber
Steve Blomberg
Richard Finci
David Felsen
Casey Moore
Bradford Bernstein
Ivonne Lindley
Margaret Schweitzer
Jeffrey Hannon
James Hammerschmidt
Andrew Schwartz
Christopher Fogleman
Michael Neary
Julie Christopher
Marjorie Dilima
Karen Feretti
Karl Protil
Richard Melnick
Shari Boscolo
Ana Rodriques
Jessica Sadler
Jamie Hertz
David DeJong
Nathan Brill
Kathy Knight
Judith Cornwell
Wanda Martinez
Alexia McClure
Jerry Hyatt
Joe Fitzpatrick
Richard Costella
Glenn Cooper
Donna McBride
Master Clark Wisor
Rachel McGuckian

A special thanks to Judge John Moffett for judging the County Finals and to Judge John Debelius for judging the Regional Finals.

There were several snow days and trials had to be moved around. This was tricky but we were able to re-schedule every single trial.
The Mock Trial Program could not survive without the assistance of the many judges who allowed us to utilize their Courtrooms over the past several weeks. Many thanks.

~Bradford S. Bernstein