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School Mock Trials
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School Mock Trials
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2015 High School Mock Trial Winners


Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy

Julia Book
Ezra Einhorn
Uri Farber
Asher Fink
Leor Fishman
Amit Gerstein
Zach Goldberg
Lea Herzfeld
Tamar Janus
Tzivia Linfield
Kira Loshin
Daniel Rothschild
Reena Wasserstein
Ariella Wolf

Ben Foote, Teacher Coach
Jay Goldman, Attorney Coach                                                                                                                                                  

High School Mock Trial Competition


We can’t thank everyone enough with their assistance and flexibility with this year’s Mock Trial Competition.  This is my 11th year organizing this terrific Program and it was a challenge.  We had a record number of teams compete in this year’s competition.  We also had a record number of cancellations due to the snow, freezing rain, sleet and ice.  We had to re-schedule over 25 trials.  In total, we had to schedule 87 trials in a six week period.   That is not an easy task and it is not a task that we took on ourselves. 

We would first like to thank Captain John Bean, Judge Marielsa Bernard, Lorena Kushida, Scott Zanni, Judge David Boyton, Lisa Hyatt, Judge Nelson Rupp, Judge John Debelius, Kathy Parker, Kathy Gallagher, Judge Robert Greenburg, Lisa McRae, Judge Michael Mason, Doris Tamanini, Cindy O’Shea, Ben Lerner, Judge Terrence McGann, Kathy Herndon, Judge Eric Johnson, April Nicholson, Ronni Dumbroski and Melinda Sweeney.  Without your assistance and flexibility, we would not have been able to so quickly schedule and then reschedule these trials at the Courthouse. 

We would next like to thank those attorneys, Masters and Judges who helped out as judges for this year’s competition: Christopher Fogleman, Steve Bloomberg, Nathan Brill, Michele Zavos, Matt Feinberg, Cory Talcott, Brian Frank, Richard Hagerty, Dave DeJong, Mary Ellen Flynn, Mark Schweitzer, Jeffrey Harab, Michael Campbell, Kristen Siracusa, Katherine McDonough, Alan Levenstein, Rand Gelber, Mark Futrovsky, Richard O’Connor, Shari Boscolo, Richard Stolker, Wendy Satin, Bibi Berry, Jeremy Rachlin, Heather Kafetz, Lili Khozeimeh, Virginia Joehl, Kenneth West, Adam Moskowitz, James Rubin, David Felson, Geoff Platnick, Andrew Rexson, Steven Gaba, Heather Sweren, Richard Finci, Monica Harms, Richard Melnick, Donna Rismiller, Prudence Upton, Debbie Dwyer, Emily Gelman, Wanda Martinez, Richard Schimel, Michael McAuliffe, Joseph Fitzpatrick, Kristina Badalian, Ethan Don, Stacey Kight, John Marshal, Bernard Dennis, Carlos Acosta, Nat Finkelstein, Paul Chung, Judge Margaret Schweitzer, Richard Costella, Judge Eric Nee, Rakesh Patel, Master Lisa Segal, Judge James Sarsfield, Master James Bonifant, Master Clark Wisor, Judge Joseph Quirk, Donna McBride, Glenn Cooper and Judge John Moffett. 

A special thanks to my assistant, Valerie Choinski, who somehow kept up with the constant changes and helped me get all of the materials to everyone.  A very special thanks to my colleague, Casey Cirner, who did an absolutely fantastic job with getting everything scheduled and re-scheduled this year and who spent hours on the phone with the Courthouse and others to make sure everything went forward without a problem. 

Looking forward to next year (I think). 


Bradford S. Bernstein