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President's Message

      It is almost Veterans Day...we will be honoring our veterans and we have very special guests for our Bar Luncheon on Tuesday, November 3rd. We will be hearing from Bob Michael, Dr. Richard B. Goetze, Jr., Major General, USAF (RET.) and Lt. Floyd Collins. Bob is a highly regarded litigator here in Montgomery County, and he is also a multi-engine, instrument rated pilot.  General Goetze is a 30 year veteran, who flew over 1200 hours on 280 combat missions on volunteer duty in Vietnam. Lt. Floyd Collins is one of the few surviving Tuskegee Airmen. Bob co-owns a plane with General Goetze.  Bob and General Goetze volunteer, at their own expense, to fly disabled veterans and their families to and from Walter Reed for treatment for the Veterans Airlift Command.

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