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President's Message

Change is the law of life.  And those
who look only to the past or the
present are certain to miss the future.
--John F. Kennedy

A new year is upon us.  As I welcome each new year, my thoughts inevitably turn to changes that will occur in the months to follow.  I suspect that the same occurs for most of our members.  A new calendar year is a natural time to take stock of where things stand and, if necessary, resolve ourselves to make necessary change.

One particular change that is on the horizon for our members is the adoption of electronic filing in our courts.  During the past year, I have attended numerous bar events and meetings where the conversation turned to how this will affect the daily practice of law.  While younger attorneys are unfazed, I can assure you that many of our more seasoned members are terrified by what they view as a fundamental change to the practice of law.  My belief is that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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