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Pride in Membership,
Leadership in Justice

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We provide access to, and improve the administration of justice in our ever-evolving community.

We offer valuable benefits, services and opportunities to our members.

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Pride in Membership
Leadership in Justice

The six words above comprise the vision of our Association.  As we embark on a new bar year, the BAMC is entering the next phase of an ongoing effort to put these words into action by the adoption of a revised strategic plan.  Our vision statement was created as part of the BAMC’s original strategic plan, a process that began nearly a decade ago.  In the years before the adoption of that first strategic plan, the Association held an annual Long Range Planning Conference.  Essentially a brainstorming session over the course of a day or so, those conferences generated many good ideas, some practical and others aspirational, to advance the goals of the BAMC.  The problem was that those ideas were literally filed away after the conference where most gathered dust.

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